You may not know this, but apparently rules are actually a thing on this wiki.

Anything is allowed except things that are too offensive, like racism or homophobic. Also, if you add porn, or nudity, be careful because if Wikia sees it they will disable your account you'll be out of here so goodly! But if a video has nudity, you may add it if it is not the main focus of the video, and do not post it if the thumbnail is of the exact moment, meaning that the video linked is allowed, although it has a breast flash that lasts 2 seconds, but a condom tutorial using a real human penis isn't allowed, because the penis is the main focus of the condom tutorial, while the breasts in the live performance are allowed because the breasts are not the main focus. These apply to chat but PM doesn't have any rules.

Allowed Not allowed
Porn Words Nude pics
Porn Clothing Hobophobic
Censored nudity Racism (words like ghetto, nigger and white trash are allowed.)
Videos with nudity (only if it happens for a few seconds and is not the focus of the video) Nudity as main focus of video
Links to anything not allowed with a warning Ses tapes
Creating categories Cyberbullying
Profanity Users under 13
Spam Insulting the queens!
Content warnings may only be added to pages by admins. If you see a page that you think needs a content warning, please go to the forums.